Spine Surgery & Spinal Conditions Treatment - McKinney
Spine is a complicated structure made up of bones, ligaments and muscles. Various activities like lifting or pushing heavy objects, sitting in improper posture and unfortunate events like accidents, falls etc can rupture the spine that can result in back pain. Any traumatic event or repetitive stress over years can also injure the connective tissues, muscles and joints leading to severe spine conditions.  

Dr. Richard Burg is a recognized spine surgeon in McKinney TX. He specializes in providing non-operative care and minimally invasive surgical techniques to treat degenerative and deformity conditions of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. In addition, the doctor also provides follow ups to all his patients to ensure long-term positive results of the treatment.

Spine conditions treated by Dr. Burg in McKinney TX:

  • Abnormal Curvature
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Herniated Disc
  • Back Pain in Children
  • Thoracic and Lumbar Spine Fractures
  • Lumbar Pain
  • Upper Back Pain
  • Spinal instability
  • Congenital Scoliosis
  • Scoliosis in Children and Adolescents
  • Sports Injuries
  • Hyperkyphosis
  • Radiculopathy
  • Fibromyalgia

Spine Care in McKinney TX

For comprehensive spine care in McKinney TX, consult Dr. Burg. The orthopedic surgeon adopts holistic approach to deliver exceptional spine care to all his patients. To make an appointment, call at (972) 727-9995.